iPhone battery replacement

iPhone battery replacement Norwich.

 Ready in 10 minutes.

 90 days warranty.

The battery of your iPhone is arguably one of the most important components of the Apple iPhone, as it keeps your device working through the day and night.

When your iPhone is new, this battery should last around twelve hours before you need to plug it to a power source. However, this can change exponentially depending on how you use your iPhone.

iPhone battery repair, Norwich.
iPhone 5 battery replacement.

If you own an iPhone 5, chances are that you have had that iPhone for over a year. Unfortunately, the iPhone batteries need replacement.  Normally you will notice, your iPhone battery life will decrease gradually over time.

When you think the time has come for you to replace the battery of your iPhone and start enjoying of Twelve hours of life again  iPhone repair Norwich @ we solve all. can replace it in 10 minutes! You can have peace of mind knowing that we only use very high quality parts, and because of that we give you a performance warranty of 12 months.

iPhone battery replacement.
iPhone 6 Battery replacement.

The iPhone 5 has been selling for a few years now and that means battery life just will not be what it used to be for anyone who has owned one for any length of time. iPhone battery replacement is required.

That is just how batteries and charge cycles work.

If you are starting to experience greatly reduced battery life on your iPhone, but are not ready to upgrade yet, you can always get a iPhone battery replacement.

We also offer a call out service for your iPhone repair in Norwich. We come to you, if it is at home, your work place, hotel or Costa coffee.  All simply repairs can be fixed in front of you hen and there.

Our other biggest repair in Norwich is iPhone screen repair. Contact us today for the best price and quality work your iPhone can get. 01603 905-905.


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