iPhone 5 screen repair Norwich

iPhone 5 screen repair Norwich.

All iPhone 5 screen front displays consist of three main pieces that work together. The LCD screen, the glass panel and a digitizer. When the unexpected happens and you crack your iPhone’s screen, all three parts needs replacing, not only your broken LCD screen!

iPhone 5 screen repair.

Replacing an iPhone 5 screen usually takes us around 30 minutes, we take every single piece of your iPhone apart, and replace them carefully so after you have your iPhone 5 screen repair done, your iPhone 5 is working as good as new!

We can go to wherever you are in Norwich and fix it on the spot or you can send it to us via courier and have it back with you in no time!

When we replace your iPhone 5 screen, you can be sure that we do it with very high quality parts, and you can come to us with the confidence of knowing that, once your screen has been repaired, you have a warranty for life.

If your device is struggling to maintain it’s power during the day. Then it is very likely you require a battery replacement.

iPhone 5 screen repair Norwich.
iPhone 5 screen repair.

Some signs that your battery may need changing are that it drains quickly, your iPhone turns off randomly or your screen has lifted a bit.

If your screen has lifted but you have not dropped your iPhone then your battery may be swollen. We recommend bringing your iPhone into our shop as soon as you can as if you leave it could cause further issues.

Is your iPhone 5 power button not working properly? Power button repairs normally take between 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Power button issues on an iPhone 5 are a common occurrence and can be easily fixed. Our technicians can easily get your iPhone 6 back up and running within 30 minutes.

Different iPhone model?

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iPhone 5 screen replacement.

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